Manchester Village... a Cooperative Success Story

Our objectives are to provide safe, clean, affordable housing for 272 households.

As a cooperative, we differ significantly from other housing and apartments. Each member at Manchester Village has a vested interest in the property and pays monthly carrying charges instead of rent. Carrying charges represent the estimated actual expenses (no profit) to be incurred in the coming year. Accordingly, each member household can contribute to the overall success of Manchester Village by helping to minimize costs. This will, in turn, help keep the carrying charges as low as possible.

The cooperative principle also means that the cooperative as a whole will not bear the expenses associated with one particular member. For example, the cooperative will absorb routine painting costs associated with “normal wear and tear”. This is based on the assumption that your home will require one coat of paint.

Manchester Village is governed by an elected Board of Directors, the majority of whom are Manchester Village members.

Manchester Village is a quiet community in a park-like setting. Manchester Village is part of the Indianapolis city bus line, providing easy access to public transportation. We are only minutes from shopping, movie theaters and grocery stores.

Manchester Village has numerous playgrounds, public basketball courts, private patios and many other features to help provide a safe and convenient environment for all members of your family to have fun and enjoy life.

Students... We are located just 15 minutes from downtown Indianapolis and the many schools that Indianapolis has to offer.
No lease is required, making Manchester Village ideal for your educational housing needs.

Come in today and find out why Manchester Village is Indianapolis' best kept secret!

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